Meet Dan

When Dan Malloy was a boy growing up in Stamford, his mother – a nurse – told him that he had an obligation to leave this world a better place for having lived in it. As the youngest of eight kids and born with learning and physical disabilities, Dan kept returning to his mother’s words. He dreamed of helping others overcome obstacles and take on challenges the way his parents and teachers had helped him overcome his disabilities. This spirit has led Dan Malloy to fight his whole life to have the privilege of serving his community, his city and his state.

Meet Dan Headshot (1)Dan Malloy graduated from Boston College in 1977, then Boston College Law School in 1980 before going on to be the first person without sight impairment to take the bar exam orally. After passing the bar, he became an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, New York where he prosecuted felony crimes. After four years as a prosecutor, Dan returned home to Stamford to marry his wife, Cathy Malloy. The couple, married nearly 40 years, raised three sons – Dannel, Ben and Sam. During this time, Dan Malloy served on the Board of Finance and Board of Education before going on to lead the city as mayor for 14 years.

In 2010, Dan Malloy was elected to serve as the 88th Governor of the State of Connecticut. Inheriting an economy that had minimal net job growth for 20 years, as Governor he focused on small businesses and growth industries to help the private sector grow nearly 60,000 jobs. His Administration has worked with over 1,100 small businesses to help them create and maintain over 16,000 jobs. When businesses said they wanted to leave the state, he made sure they stayed, keeping those jobs in Connecticut. He has since worked to make state government foster an environment for innovation and growth so companies invest in Connecticut for the long run.

Operating Engineers - private photo need to check (1)Dan Malloy knows that if Connecticut wants to remain competitive in a global economy, we must invest in education at every level. At a time when most states were cutting education funding, Dan Malloy steadily increased funding to local schools and funded thousands of pre-K slots so that all children – regardless of zip code or family income – have access to early childhood education. Thanks to Dan Malloy’s legislation, Connecticut will achieve universal access to pre-K by 2019. These investments are already paying off in Connecticut with rising graduation rates, student test scores topping national lists and the achievement gap beginning to close. Dan Malloy is helping parents start college savings accounts for newborns, and working to make higher education and skills-based training more affordable.

Under Dan Malloy’s progressive leadership, Connecticut became the first state in the nation to pass a minimum wage increase to $10.10 an hour and to pass legislation guaranteeing paid sick leave to workers. Dan Malloy passed historic gun safety legislation, bipartisan education reform and a first of its kind comprehensive energy strategy. Crime is at one of the lowest points in decades, and Connecticut’s health care exchange more than doubled its enrollment goals for signing up residents for quality, affordable health care.

Upon taking office, Dan Malloy inherited one of the largest per-capita deficits in the nation, $3.67 billion, and made the tough choices to turn that deficit into a balanced budget. He’s slowed the growth of state spending, made state government more efficient and replenished the state’s Rainy Day Fund with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Dan Malloy has led Connecticut through times of unspeakable tragedy, through the recovery and rebuilding process after “Superstorm Sandy” and out of the aftermath of a national economic recession. Connecticut is making a lot of progress, but Dan Malloy is not satisfied. He knows there is more work to do to keep Connecticut moving in the right direction.